For years AAP INFRATECH LIMITED had a dedicated approach towards the global elevator segment, supporting significant time savings on procurement and installation with our experienced and dedicated workforce. An initial step before elevator installation is scheduled. Checking conformity of the hoistway dimensions and building axis with the elevator layout drawing. Documenting deviations that need to be corrected by the general contractor before elevator installation can start. Placing markings to be used by the mechanic as a reference for installation. Finally, signing the hoistway inspection protocol as the document of acceptance that the shaft is ready for the elevator to be installed. After the elevator is handed over to the owner, the journey of service & maintenance starts. This ensures that over its operational lifetime, the elevator does not stall unexpectedly, stranding occupants, and that it always operates properly without generating safety risks for the user. This involves the frequent checking of applications that have little to do with construction fastening. However, regular fastening work has to be completed and dirt and dust must be regularly cleaned from the door sills and the elevator pit. AAP INFRATECH LIMITED also procure, install, commission and maintain Diesel and Gas generators. AAP also procures install, commission and maintain Diesel and Gas generators. We represent OTIS LIFT and SIRIMEX Turkey, while for Generators, we represent FG Wilson.

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